Formerly a dementia management consultant. I discovered Bowen through my animals.  Before trying Bowen on my animals I wanted to try it out for myself.  It was nothing like I expected. There was no pain, no cracking, just total relaxation. I actually enjoyed the treatment,  even though the therapist seemed to do nothing at all.  After a course of treatments areas of long standing pain in my body  just vanished.

The results on my animals were equally dramatic. So much so that I decided it was time for a career change and became a fully qualified human Bowen Therapist.

A few years later, a family member had a dog with Syringomyelia.  The dogs vet consultant felt that Bowen could help with pain management and quality of life.  It seemed a natural progression to train in Canine Bowen Technique, with the aim of helping him if at all possible.  I chose the best canine school I could find to ensure I would be offering the highest quality service to my dogs.

I love working with dogs. My aim is to offer the best possible treatment and ensure that the dog is given a voice during the treatment. By allowing and encouraging the dog to lead the session I find that many symptoms are reduced and causes of discomfort are resolved. 

Many owners are amazed as their dog starts to lead sessions and present various body parts for treatment. For me I have found working with dogs has made me an even better human therapist.

I currently have two dogs Holly and Smiffi. An interesting pair, both rescues. Smiffi has a lot of emotional issues whilst Hollly came to us as a 10 year old who was very stiff and feeling her age. Bowen treatments have certainly helped them both. 

I have a passion for animal biomechanics and neurology so I continue to train and learn as much as I can. I have recently completed an extensive neurology training programme which has helped many of my clients. I am currently studying Feldenkrais Method which supports my neurology training nicely.
In addition I am undertaking my behaviour degree training.

I am registered with the Canine Bowen Technique Association, the Bowen Association Uk, the International Animal Massage Association and the Complementary & Natural Health Care Council.

For dog treatments I prefer to travel to the dogs home so that they can be more relaxed during and following their treatment. I travel throughout the South West.

What Clients Say:

Clare helped look after my elderly dog right up to her passing away. The vet always used to comment that she looked so well for her age. Yes she still had her stiff joints but she retained her interest in life and enthusiasm for her walks. I would recommend Clare to help all older dogs. Mrs S