Some thoughts on Balance and Dogs 

For a dog, as for us, “Balance” is the key.

Whilst we are not going to look at the work life balance for us humans, lets take a moment to examine our dogs life. 

Do we provide a fully nourishing life for our dog? 

Taking into account all their needs from rest to physical activity, from boredom to mental stimulation? Do we remember they have emotional and spiritual needs just as we do? Are we equipping them with the tools to cope with modern life? 

When was the last time we looked at our dogs life and considered how balanced it was? 

For me personally I had allowed my dog to become a little too ball obsessed. It suited me, it allowed me to keep him close to me on walks, he had excellent recall. However how balanced is this? We both used his ball obsession to avoid coping with life. Now we are working on finding different ways to help both of us cope with life better together, in balance…   He is learning about relaxation and about interacting with his surroundings in a new way. I have had to let go of the need to control him.

We are entering a new era of balance. I use Canine Bowen amongst other things to help him to become more balanced. 

What areas of your dogs life are less than balanced and what 2 things can you do to start to introduce better balance?