About Canine Bowen Technique (CBT)

CBT is a soft-tissue, remedial therapy that uses gentle rolling moves of fingers or thumbs over specific points of the body with the aim of allowing the body the space and time to begin the process of rebalancing and realigning.

A particular feature is that it is never imposed on the dog, the dog remains in control of the session length and content. I am particularly stringent that the dogs best interest is put first at all times, allowing him or her to have a voice in their treatment. 

Canine Bowen Technique is based on the principles of Bowen Technique for humans. All canine therapists should be fully qualified to treat humans first. Sally and Ron Askew adapted the human Bowen into Canine Bowen Technique in the Uk in 2001.

What to Expect

I will work alongside your vet and as such require their referral. I can either give you a form to give your vet or I will contact your vet for you. 

During the consultation I will ask you lots of lifestyle and health questions about your dog to help me gain a clear "picture" of your dog.

I will watch your dog move about and ask even more questions.

The actual treatment times will vary. I leave time to allow the dog to fully relax.  The consultation will take a while although the hands on treatment of the dog will not normally last longer than 20 minutes.

How Many Treatments Will Be Needed

Often noticeable change will occur in as few as 2, weekly spaced treatments.  It will depend on the situation of your dog. I will give you aftercare advice following a treatment in regard to exercise and handling. This advice or homework can have a significant effect on the outcome.  Many clients, once an initial complaint has resolved, will continue to have "maintenance" treatments every couple of months.

What Clients Say:

Clare's treatments are helping keep Jas's pain under control as his condition deteriorates.  He has Syringomyelia and Chiari Malformation, conditions affecting his brain and spinal cord that leave him in a lot of pain. He is much more comfortable and mobile with her help. She is a vital part of his care and is so good at leasing with both the vet and the vet consultant. We know when he needs a treatment as he becomes subdued and reluctant to come for a walk.  As soon as he has been treated he has a big sleep. When he wakes up he is back to his old bubbly self enjoying a quality of life. I know he will never get better however his Bowen helps his quality of life massively its lovely to see  - but I am biased - Clare is my daughter and she trained specially to help my dog Jas. We are both grateful that she did. I hope she will continue to help many other dogs in the future. Ms M

What Clients Say:

Clare is professional and friendly. My agility dog is standing square now and her performance has improved. Mrs S