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I would love to discuss how a Bowen Treatment may help your dog, or even yourself. 

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What to Expect

At the first treatment I will talk to you and ask a lot of questions about your dog.  We will sit where ever the dog is most comfortable.  During this questioning your dog will have time to become confident with my presence.  During this time I will observe your dog and how they are in their body, their posture etc.  Normally the dog will move around during this process so I will get to see them move and walk.  If not I may ask you to walk up and down the room for me to assess their movement and gait.

When the dog is ready I will begin treatment.   The length, speed and pace of the treatment is directed by the dog.   Once dogs have had a few treatments they typically will present the areas they feel need treatment.   Different dogs have difference needs so I taylor my treatment to the dogs needs.  I specialise in dogs with either severe disk issues and reactive dogs with anxiety issues.   However my client base includes pet dogs, working dogs, show dogs and service dogs of all ages and sizes. 

Normally the dog will end the treatment when they are ready to.  The length of time I spend with you on the first session can be up to 1 1/2 hours however once the dog is used to their Bowen session I should not be with you longer than an hour.   Treatments cost £45 each. If I have to travel a long distance I ask for a contribution towards fuel.